The following bond issues, for which WM Financial Strategies is serving as municipal advisor, will be sold by negotiated sale. 

The electronic documents, if any, referenced on this site were created in PDF format using Adobe Acrobat for use on the Internet. The physical appearance may differ from that of the printed documents distributed by the issuer. In the event of discrepancies, the printed documents shall govern.  If you do not have the Adobe Reader,  you may obtain the Adobe Reader free of charge from the Adobe website at

Some of the files are large and may take several minutes to download.

Due Date Issue Documents
April 4, 2018
Village of Glen Carbon, IL
General Obligation Bonds
(Alternate Revenue Source)
Draft Preliminary Official Statement
Request for Proposals
April 20, 2018
City of Highland, IL
Bank Loan Evidenced by a
Promissory Note

Request for Indications of Interest
Waterworks System Report
Maturity Schedule
2015 Audit
2016 Audit
2017 Audit
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